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With Trilogy's glass water pipes, you'll get to where you want to go before you know it, and you can't say we didn't warn you. With our sleek and modern designs, we predict our set-ups will be your go-tos for years to come.

The philosophy behind Trilogy Glass is best expressed in an equation:

Glass + Science + Function = Trilogy Glass

Glass on Glass

Not all glass is created equal. And, when we say glass, we mean a lot of it! Thick and sturdy glass demonstrates the first part of the Trilogy Glass equation. Trilogy Glass Works sells only thick, glass on glass bongs.

We’ve been there. We know the tight feeling in the neck when glass water pipes fall to the ground and you’re wondering if your piece will survive. When glass is thicker, life is just better.

Scientific Glass Bongs

Science is the how to the functionality of our glass water pipes. For a smooth hit, our percs are cutting-edge and facilitate a smoking or dabbing experience that is comparable to few.

We debut each glass piece with a video in their product description, and that is a way to see the glass bong or rig in action. View how our glass pipes regulate pressure and prevent water splash. The mindful and balanced diffusion of each of our glass bongs is the outcome of 16 years of Trilogy Glass Works engineering for function.

Fuctional Glass Art

The usual glass water pipes are harsh. They hit the chest like a sledgehammer being swung by an ogre in old, unscientificly-concieved pipes.

Function is the why of the what and how of Trilogy Glass.

Our goal is to deliver the biggest rips, hits, and tokes in the smoothest manner possible. Glass on glass bongs done right.

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