Ash Catcher #1


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Percolated ashcatcher with orange claw perc
Percolated ashcatcher with black claw perc
Percolated ashcatcher with teal claw perc
Percolated ashcatcher with violet claw perc
Percolated ashcatcher with white  claw perc

The Ashcatcher 1(“AC1”) comes in two sizes and two perc variations. There are the 18mms and the 14mms, and there are the 90-degree or 45-degree claw percs.

A percolated ashcatcher adds extra filtration and keeps your bong or dab rig cleaner. They catch debris while you’re smoking so you can take bigger and bolder bong rips. Ashcatcher = better 420 life. Better 420 life = less bong cleaning and bigger rips. Life is just so much easier when you don’t have to clean your piece on the regular.

The AC1 features a claw perc system to add extra smoothness to whatever glass piece or pieces you’re rockin’ on a regular. We also offer similar percolated ashcatchers that feature other percolators, i.e. the AC2 and the AC3.

Here are some features of the AC1:

  • It can be adapted to be an on-the-go percolated mini bong if adapted with a j-hook.
  • Two words: claw perc.
  • Perc comes in a variety of 5 colors.


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