#5 - Top Hat Percolator Bong


Regular price $95.00
Top Hat Percolator ("Perc") Bong - Purple
Top Hat Percolator ("Perc") Bong - Black
Top Hat Percolator ("Perc") Bong - Clear
Top Hat Percolator ("Perc") Bong -white

The #5 is in the OG line-up and has a legacy as one of the best percolator bongs in the biz. This is Trilogy's original top hat percolator bong. And it's at the cheapest price it has ever been. 

Coming in 4 color variations, the piece boasts 2 chambers with one percolating system: the top hat perc.

This dab glass rig or bong is the big boy of the OG family - the first 5 rigs by Trilogy Glass Works. 

The OG-5 stands 15" tall, and it comes in two thicknesses: 5mm and 7mm. It has a 14mm joint with a top hat perc, with 4 slits for great percolation.

Think Abe Lincoln when you think of the OG-5 rig; it's tall and has a top hat!

top hat perc logo - keep it fancy

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