OG - 3


Regular price $149.99
UFO Perc Bong in orange
black trimmed UFO Perc Bong, the OG-3
Teal trimmed UFO Perc bong
blue trimmed UFO Perc Bong
teal colored ufo perc bong
Violet UFO Perc bong
White trimmed UFO perc bong

The OG UFO Perc Bong

To OG-3 or not OG-3? - that is the question!

This UFO perc bong has 8 slits for balanced percolation. It stands 9" tall and has a 14mm joint. 

Trilogy Glass Works presents the OG - 3 as an example of one of the most high-functioning, dynamically-designed UFO perc bongs out there. Pick one of 7 colors of these percolator bongs and get spacy.

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